Is It Right To Pay Someone To Do My Homework

Homework is an important part of the curriculum for the students. There are many students who are tired of their busy schedule and willing to pay for their work. There are various online writing companies giving their services on the internet. These companies have a bunch of professional writers that write each and every kind of assignments for the students.

Every scenario has some pros and cons. We are going to discuss both of them here:


  • You get a professional touch to your homework.
  • You can have plenty of free time if the homework is being done by any other person.
  • You can concentrate on other issues which you think are more important than the homework.
  • You would not have to worry and search for different ideas when somebody else is doing it for you.
  • There are many companies who offer complete secrecy like DoMyHomeworkNow.
  • Many companies guarantee plagiarism free work that would guarantee the safety for you.

Along with the points mentioned above, there are some negative effects of these websites too.


  • You may be caught using plagiarism detecting software if the company has taken something from already written stuff.
  • Every shortcut has long term negative effects, if you continue to get other’s help for your homework, you won’t be able to do it yourself in the future.
  • The amount of learning will be reduced as you won’t be doing the work.
  • It is same act as cheating and is obviously immoral act.
  • No institution allows you to have someone else for doing your work.
  • You would be deceiving yourself, your teachers and your institution.
  • If your institution management caught you by any mean, you could get struck off from the institution.

Your Choice:

Now it is your own choice whether you want to go with the first option or the second as you have read about all the impacts this could bring to you. Surely if your work is written by a professional writer you are going to get good grades, but what if the teacher feels the difference between your style of writing and the professional’s style of writing?

What if the teacher asks you to write a sample of the same work on the spot?

If a person cannot do his or her homework, it surely puts a question mark on the abilities of the person regarding time management and self-confidence. So be careful in deciding that do you want; to rely on others whole of your life or you want to learn it by yourself even if you fail a few times?