Why Math Homework Cheats Never End Well for a Student

Whether it takes 15 minutes or 4 hours, everyone has homework. Many students might consider homework an integral part of learning through application and repetition. But being outside the classroom to finish work might tempt students to cheat by copying homework assignments or going online to find answers.

This happens a lot in math, and it’s proving to be really problematic for students and educators alike. Here are a few reasons why math homework cheats never end well for a student:

  • A Student Can Affect the Grades of an Entire Class. Many teachers employ a bell curve system when they grade homework scores and test scores. A student who cheats will greatly affect this curve and will be affecting the grades of dozens of students in your class and possibly in others. Teachers may also believe that more students understand the assignments than is actually true, which means they may progress faster through lessons than they would if they knew the truth.
  • A Student Will Not Retain Math Concepts and Do Poorly on Tests. Cheating on homework circumvents the very purpose of going to school, which is to learn. When a student cheats on homework he deprives himself of the chance to learn a subject and do well when tested on that same subject. A consequence of this is that a student could earn a terrible grade in class and may have to repeat the math course.
  • A Student Risks Getting Caught. When a student cheats he could be found out in one of many ways – poor test scores, the same incorrect answers as another student, or work that doesn’t match previously handed in assignments. Getting caught could mean that the student receives an automatic failing grade in the class or in some cases even an expulsion from the institution entirely.
  • Cheating Hurts Others. How a student performs in school determines his access to resources and opportunities in life. When a student cheats he is depriving others of those opportunities and may be put in a position where he is unqualified to meet expectations. Just think about a doctor who may have cheated his way through math courses for several years – is this really the person you would like taking care of you in an emergency?

Some consequences are clearly more serious than others, but it’s still not a good idea to cheat on homework.