How To Do My Homework In A Matter Of An Hour: Helpful Techniques For Students

It would be more than difficult for you to think about writing your paper because you have only a few hours left for submission. If you keep panicking then soon you will have no time left to write or plan your paper, as you will waste all your time in getting worried. A good idea would be to stop crying over spilt milk, stop feeling guilty or regretful, and start attempting the paper. Students do not only look for methods to complete their homework in an hour when they do not have enough time, but if they learn this technique, they can apply it on any paper and stay worry free for the rest of the day. The tasks keep increasing and the students keep getting anxious, you need to devise a strategy on your own or at least follow one from an expert so that you can complete your assignments within the assigned time and have enough time for learning, development and playing.

One important thing to keep in mind while creating a plan is that you need to think from a practical aspect and do not ignore things that can slow down or delay your process. The plan you create for attempting your tasks should be SMART and effective. In business terms, we use this term to check the accuracy and reliability of any plan.

  • Specific- A specific goal is something that you can narrow down and address easily. To write a specific plan you need to be able to answer the “w” questions like what, who, where, when, why etc. This gives you an accurate plan instead of building castles in the air and talking generally.
  • Measurable- Measurable is a plan that you can see the progress towards the final goal and something that you can set milestones. For example, you can set writing 100 words every ten minutes so that you know you will complete the 500 words in an hour and still have time for editing and proofing.
  • Attainable- Your goals should be attainable and the plan should work for you in a simple manner. Do not apply a lot of if conditions and expect to do something that you have never done before.
  • Realistic- A realistic plan is the one that considers all the factors that can affect the original plan and includes the margins for error and delay.
  • Timely