How to find a good math homework tutor on the web

It is always difficult to find a good homework tutor, and sometimes it is not the best idea to be tutored by a friend or relative, especially if its Math. If you choose to go to a tutor after class, it may possibly involve travel and hauling your books and stuff around with you. The solution could be to look a little closer to home and look online for a good math tutor.

The first hurdle that you ail come across is choosing from all the different websites. You will need a plan and this is the Plan.

  1. Decide how much you can comfortably afford. The first session may be free or you may not have to pay for certain elements of the tutoring. Keep you budget in mind.
  2. Use your search engine to look the availability of Math Tutoring Websites.
  3. The next move is to start sorting and dumping the websites that are too expensive; not in the same country as you are or do not specialize in Homework tutoring. In other words you need a qualified tutor who speaks the same language as you; do the tutors offer tutoring at different level; is knowledgeable about the curriculum you are studying and will take the time to explain the aspects that you find difficult and provide you will additional work and examples to work on (such as work sheets).
  4. Check out the contact details of the web site. Make sure that you have that information noted.
  5. Make a note of the Web sites that have recommendations by people who have used their services. Read the recommendations! Yes. It may seem a bit of a chore, but it is really worth reading about other people’s experiences.
  6. You probably now have a list of web sites. Let’s whittle this down a little more. Does the tutor work with you in real time? Does the web site also offer emergency help? If you have a dedicated tutor will they be happy for you to contact them by email and what time frame do they offer as a turnaround response time?

Additional support that you may find helpful is a deal where you can get support for just the concepts that you are experiencing difficulty with; or preparing for a Math test; a tutor who will check through your answers and offer suggestion for further learning.