The importance of Unification of Islam

The notion of unification of Islam recognizes the teachings of Prophet Mohammed who has always relied on truth as the foundation of the Islamic community. Unification means that just like the other religions of the world, Islam plays a major role in guiding the human fraternity in the right direction. Islam has always given the learning of love, trust and brotherhood to the society. However, with the transforming times, many religious groups and the so called ‘religious police’ in many Islamic countries have discriminated the other religions, committed violent activities and have spread the feeling of hatred in the name of Islam. It is a very unfortunate fact that today many of the Islamic countries are considered as the center of terrorism. The anti social elements of the Islamic societies create the “conventional acts of terrorism” which involves bombings, shootings in the public places and also hijackings. Not only these terrorist activities leaves behind a physical damage but it is obvious that a psychological damage will be caused simultaneously. These kinds of activities in the name of Islam goes against the learning’s of Prophet Mohammed and the principles of the religion.

The unification of Islam hence has its importance in uniting the people together in the name of the religion. This implies that all the activities that affect the human fraternity in an adverse manner should be eliminated and the mutual feeling of love and brotherhood should be practiced. Not only the unification of Islam will depict its importance on the life of the Muslim community but it will also prove to be a boon for the global society. This can be achieved by boycotting the anti social elements and not supporting them in any manner. The learning of Islam has always been to respect all the religion and love the people irrespective of their origins. By practicing the basic concepts of the Islam and referring to the concept of unification, the entire world can become a better place to live in. To conclude, it must be re-emphasized that no religion teaches the language of violence. Islam has always taught its practitioners to love each and every creation of ‘Allah’ (god). By unifying Islam and the Muslim people, it would be possible to achieve the inter religion harmony and world peace.