Dealing With College Calculus Homework: Useful Hints For Students

Mathematics is not liked by many students, especially when you have to work on this for hours instead of watching a movie. The subject itself is very sensitive, because one single wrong number can destroy the final result and then you will have to start everything again. Since most of the pupils are procrastinating, it’s easy to understand why home study is not their favorite thing to do. There are, however, some tips that you can use to make everything simple. It will not be a piece of cake from the beginning, it will still take some work, but not as much as you think.

  • Use an online calculator. Instead of spending hours in front of the paper, struggling with different formulas, just go on the internet and solve everything fast. Online calculators will not complete just simple calculus, but also complex problems that would need a few hours of attention from you. Try to analyze the solving way, just to know how to make it on your own if you will ever need to do this during an exam.
  • Write all the formulas on small notes. When you work on many exercises in the same time, it’s annoying to search in the book for every calculus formula that you have to use. You will interrupt your concentration every few minutes and you will not be as effective. Take every formula that you might need and write it on a small post-it that you will keep on your desk at all times. You will notice that this is very helpful during a long, complex and boring exercise.
  • Find a study partner. If you have in your class a student that is very good in math, try to study with him a few times until you get back on track. He can explain the information in good way, and you are both studying with the same professor so you know the same lessons.
  • Ask help from your teacher. He is the most qualified person to help you when you can’t manage your study. Besides, he has many educational materials that will guide you through the entire process and you don’t have to struggle for days without any success. He will be more than happy to spend some time after class and explain to you the things that you did not understand from the first place.