5 Things You Should Stay Away From When Looking For Geometry Homework Answers

One thing we can say is that we know that math can be tough, and geometry can be even tougher. As you try to work through formulas and different problems, sometimes its going from one step to the next that can get you frustrated or feeling completely lost. Even if you try to google your answer, you still have to be careful and there are certain things you want to avoid when you look for answers online. These 5 tips can help you to learn what to avoid when you look for a geometry homework online.

  • An area that you want to avoid is finding answers on a site like yahoo. Because people tend to throw in any answer online or repeat an answer that was given from previous work, they may not walk you through the steps, or they may not give the right answer. One area that can help is free math help. They set up this useful site to help you with your questions, and also have an easy ‘how to’ format to walk through different problems. You'll find that this site can be not only useful but quite resourceful.
  • Another area that you want to avoid is just going online and doing a random search and finding your solution that way, because if for example if you find a solution, you may miss the steps involved. Maybe your professor has a certain format that he wants you to use. You have to go by his instructions as they will likely be used on an exam, and when you are tested, you will not be able to go online and quickly retrieve your answer, so walk through the steps so you understand them.
  • You also want to be careful with sites like Wiki How, which may give you answers that are incorrect or outdated. For example, they may give you the Pythagorean theorem correctly, but maybe some of the process steps in their formulas are outdated and your professor has chosen a better way of getting answers for you.
  • Next you want to also ensure that you avoid going to sites that only offer the right answer, and don't show the actual steps to you. Consider a site like Math Way or Web Math, which walk you through math problems step by step for your homework.
  • Also avoid sites that you pay to give you the answers, as you have to remember that if you're caught cheating in this manner, you may be penalized at school and you're also missing out on actually being able to walk through the steps and to learn the process. For example, if you go to school the next day and your professor asked you to explain an answer that you gave, you won't be able to.

We know geometry isn’t fun, but we all had to get through it. Just work to ensure that you learn the different steps as much as you can, and if you have any questions about how to come up with an answer, you can actually Google different formulas and walk through them, and revert back to your professor who should be more than understanding as they explain geometry to you.