Is it possible to find a free math homework help tutor online

Since free math homework tutoring programs have recently flooded the internet, you may be wondering why you should pay for tutoring services. If you were to do an internet search for free math homework help, you’d get tons of results—but a lot more frustration than you bargained for.


There are some non-profit organizations that offer free math homework to those who can’t afford private online tutors. The problem with these organizations is that they only operate during certain times of the day—and often not on weekends. This proves very frustrating for students who live in different time zones, because this help is only available during school hours or late at night.

The catch

Countless math tutoring companies advertise themselves as free until you ask to sign up. Suddenly a pricelist is shoved in your face and the only way to get the help you need is to give them your credit card details. These companies prove themselves to be immediately untrustworthy. You’d be better off using a company that’s upfront about the fact that they charge for their services.

White board

Free math tutoring organizations offer reliable advice via chat methods. Regrettably, none of them can offer white board assistance. This means that they’re able to tell you how to solve a math problem, but they’re unable to show you how to do so practically. When you pay a tutor for their services, you receive visual help that you can apply to your own work.

Man or machine

Those companies who offer free math tutoring are sometimes void of real people behind the IM platform. General video tutorials are set up for students to watch, while basic explanations are given for common questions. The problem with this approach is that the student is unable to ask any questions—or even interact with a real person at all. No lesson is complete without a two-way dialogue between teacher and student.

Sample tutoring

If you’ve clicked on a free online math tutoring site, get ready to time your questions carefully. Many companies offer free service for the first half an hour and then cut you off unless you pay. Imagine getting half way through a solution and then being cut short. This amounts to much wasted time and frustration.

These are some of the many reasons students are reluctant about using free math homework services. Tutoring is a specialized skill and shouldn’t be offered by just anyone.