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Transitioning into Undergraduate Academic Coursework

As an undergraduate student, you may find, in the midst of choosing and rearranging courses to tailor your schedule, the ever-persistent need to obtain order with your busy life. Because of this, we at the Student Services Center strive to provide all undergraduates with the help they need. Services from tutoring, homework help, essay writing, including specified workshops to help in the development of various aspects in essay writing, such as introductions, thesis statements, supporting body paragraphs, topic sentences, conclusion, and everything else in between.

We understand the struggle most undergraduates face, not only having to juggle their coursework, but also employment and families. Therefore, our initiative is to listen to the feedback of our students and find solutions in order to better be able to work with their schedules, to ensure a positive transition and outcome. We are available through office hours, telephone helpline, and even online tutoring chat sessions, in which our dedicated staff of undergraduate and graduate students can easily access whenever needed during morning, afternoon and evening hours. And because students attend weekend classes, we have recently been able to hire tutors willing to provide service help on Saturdays.

Benefiting from The Student Services Center

Our varied services are at the disposal of the undergraduate students. In fact, most undergraduate students are unaware that the monetary tuition paid for their enrollment at university includes The Student Services Center. Most disheartening, is the fact that many students may go through a semester, or a series or semesters without ever obtaining the needed help for the continuation and completion of their academic goals. We try to make it easier for the students to have quality accessibility to services, such as academic tutoring, for the purpose of propelling the student towards that of their goals.

For more information on how you can begin to receive needed academic tutoring services, please contact The Student Services Center for more information. We can easily be contacted through telephone, e-mail, and/or walk-in basis. Our staff is trained and highly qualified in ensuring that all students that visit or contact our center will not be turned away. We are willing and able to help you with any and all concerns, inquiries, questions, or even suggestions and comments as to how to better improve our services. Remember to spread the word today!