Online Physics Homework Solutions: Pros and Cons

 Help with your physics homework online can be very helpful in giving you the solutions to your homework.  Even though it is pretty easy to find homework help sites for every subject, there can be some pros and cons to use them.  When you are looking at these sites you have make sure the pros outweigh the cons and find the right site to help you with your physics homework.


  • Most physics homework sites are free and give you the option to submit questions and receive answers.
  •   Physics homework help sites are an easy way to get help when you can’t ask your teacher for help.
  •  Some sites make learning physics fun with games and exercises to help you solve the problems.


  • It’s hard to tell what sites are legit ones that will have the right material and answers.
  • Some sites want you to pay them money to get help or answers with your physics homework.
  •  If you use a free site that answers questions for you, they could be wrong.

Good Physic Homework Solution Sites

  • Pearson My Lab and Mastering is a site that has tutorials, textbooks, and exercises that can help you find the solutions to your homework.
  • Chegg Study allows you to submit questions and then have them answered by experts.   And when you use this you can ask for more information and understand how and why they got the solution.
  • Hippo Campus doesn’t give you the answers outright but they do explain to you the specific way to complete the problems that you are working though.  This site will show you how to do the problems and not give you answer, which will help you learn the material better.
  •  Physics Help Info has all kinds of physics questions.  This site breaks down all the material that you learn in physics so you can pick the subtopic solution that you are looking for on there.

These are the best sites to help you find the answers for your physic homework for free.  There are other sites where you can hire a tutor to help you with your physics homework but this cost money and there are plenty of free websites out there that should be able to help you.  The Internet can help you but you can help yourself by paying attention in class and taking good notes.  This will help you learn physics and the notes will help you later once you go to start your homework.