Efficient Pollution Control

Ideas for going green are endless. When it comes to water, there are key components that you can employ, all of which are simple ideas for going green. First of all, make sure to keep an ear out for a toilet that is leaking. Many people will ignore a small leak or dripping, but that simple leak can cost extra money on water bills, for no good reason.

You can easily check for leaks by adding food coloring to the toilet bowl in a bright color. The food coloring will leak into the bowl if there is a leak. With regards to toilets, another of the fantastic ideas for going green involves not flushing unless necessary. An old camp adage is “if it’s yellow let it mellow”, as flushing takes up about thirty percent of any household’s water usage.

More water ideas for going green involves using barrels to capture water when it rains and save that water for the next time the lawn needs watered. If you own a pool or hot tub, be sure to keep it covered so that none of the water will evaporate. When doing laundry, make sure that you only run the washer or the dish washer with a completely full load. If you are boiling vegetables for a nice dinner, use the water—once cooled—to water the plants outside.

When showering, those moments when the water is running and heating up, the water could be caught in a bucket and used for washing pets or watering the lawn. While lathering in the shower, turn off the water and only use it to rinse. After the shower though, when you might be brushing teeth or washing your face before bed, make sure to turn off the water until you truly need it to rinse. Keeping cold water in the refrigerator will keep you from using the tap as frequently.

Ideas for going green don’t stop at ways to save on water. There are ways to save on energy too. Some ideas for going green with your energy bills include limiting the amount of time your care is in idle when you start it. Start the car and immediately drive off, as this will not harm modern engines. Closing your curtains before the sun sets will maintain the heat or cool air inside the house and lower energy bills, while closing the curtains during the hotter days will keep the sun out of the house and keep the home cool.

Energy saving light bulbs is a new fad, well worth their new interest. They will use only a quarter of the amount of energy that normal light bulbs use. When charging your phone, make sure that you only charge it for the few hours that it needs to be full, not leaving it charging over night. This will save you electricity but will also ensure the life of your cell phone battery lasts longer. Turning off appliances and computers, unplugging all unnecessary items when they are not in use saves on energy too.