How To Do Math Homework: Efficient Techniques To Memorize Laws And Formulas

Memorizing laws and formulas for math can be overwhelming but this is the best way to be successful in your study of the subject.  But as many students will tell you, memorizing anything can be difficult.  It can be hard to keep them all straight but it is not impossible.

Think back to the last time that you tried to study for a test the night before and you tried to memorize all the laws and formulas.  Did you wake up the next morning and forget everything that you learned the night before?  There is a reason for that and I will tell you the best way to memorize those laws and formulas.

How To Memorize Math Laws And Formulas

  • Before you start to memorize anything, you need to relax.  You can’t memorize laws and formulas if you are stressed.  This will allow you to focus on the laws and formulas and make learning them easier.
  • The best way to memorize anything is with repetition.  This means that you should take the laws or formulas and solve them or write them down without looking.  With laws you can read over the law a couple times and then try to write it from memory, doing this over and over will help you remember it.  And doing a formula over and over again will help you learn how to do it and help your remember the formula.
  • To better understand the formulas, use different variables in the formula.  Using different variables will help you see the answer of each different ways that formula can be solved.
  • Understand the laws and formulas; understand what each letter in the formula or law means and why it is set up that way.  This may seem like hard work and that you will have to do extra work but it is the best way to memorize the laws and formulas.
  • Nothing makes you lose focus more than if you are thirsty or hungry, if you find yourself hungry or thirsty, grab a snack or drink and take a little break.  After you are satisfied you can come back to the work.
  • Get yourself a small notebook that can fit in your back pocket.  You can write the formulas and laws in that notebook and use it as a reference if you get stuck.  It can also help you study the formulas and laws in your spare time, which will make memorization easier.